PPC Setup & Management

Pay per Click Campaigns are an essential part of any meaningful SEO process. Successful PPC campaigns not only improve search engine results, but also open the doors to enhanced online business opportunities.

At Space Designs, we are experts in PPC setup and management services. We offer targeted and cost effective PPC solutions that improve your search engine results thereby attracting more business. This not only will improve your website ROI but also build your brand online.

Not only will we custom set up your PPC campaign for major search engines, but will also use effective and essential PPC management techniques to ensure that both your PPC campaign and your online business are a complete success

Space Designs has several years of experience in running effectual PPC campaigns for a range of companies across the globe. We have developed the requisite knowledge and expertise with online advertising and help you get the maximum returns for your online advertising budget.

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing effective PPC strategies for all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. To ensure that your website gets the maximum ROI and higher search engine rankings, we implement the following steps:

Website Analysis

At Space Designs we understand the unique nature of your business. We appreciate that you intend to reach your intended target market. For this reason we will thoroughly study your website along with the products and services that you provide. We will also analyze your business model along with comprehensively understanding the competition. This will help us in designing a PPC campaign tailored specifically to meet your online business requirements.

Keyword Research

We will carefully select keywords based on what your customers are exactly searching for on the Internet. This is based closely on what search phrases they type into search engines to locate products and services.

PPC Advertisement Creation

Once we have selected keywords that will drive qualified traffic, we create keyword centric advertisements that accurately represent your products and services. This will drive traffic to your website and ensure sales.

Advertisement Tweaking

Once the PPC advertisements are online, they are regularly tweaked to improve their performance. We also monitor and remove or alter those keywords and PPC advertisements which do not result into conversions or sales. Additionally, we monitor bid amounts on a daily basis and are increased or decreased inline with the trends.

Landing Page Evaluation

We analyze the paths by which the visitors enter and leave your site and the pages they land upon after clicking on the PPC advertisement. Depending upon whether visitors stay on the site, enter other pages, or exit from the site, we will evaluate your landing page or suggest changes to it. This will ensure that visitors stay on your site and their visit translates into conversions.

Conversion Analysis

We monitor the traffic you receive from your PPC advertisements and analyze how many visits convert into a positive action such as sales. For many website owners, a positive action could be just registering for a free trial or signing up for a specific service such as a newsletter.

PPC Campaign Monitoring

Regular and effective PPC campaign monitoring is part of our superior PPC management services. Not only do we keep a track of keywords and keyword centric PPC advertisements that drive quality traffic, but also keep a monitor suspicious clicks to avoid click fraud. Thus we are also mindful of your PPC budget and keep our PPC management activities within your budget constraints.

PPC Campaign Reporting

We keep you closely informed with our detailed reports about how your PPC campaign is performing. We include important factors like campaign costs and cost per conversion. This will give you an accurate insight of the performance of your PPC campaign.

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