Conversion rate & Optimization

If your company is serious about online advertising and wants to get the most out of its PPC, SEO, Banner, or Email marketing effort, you have to work to increase your conversion rate and to learn the science of Conversion Optimization.

Conversion optimization is the process of creating an engaging experience for your website visitors with the goal of persuading them to take a desired action (e.g. fill out a form, buy a product, or subscribe to a mailing list)

Space Designs will help you identify and improve the current design and content issues that hold your website back from converting well. We will develop an effective persuasion architecture and sales funnel, based on the insights into the needs, values, and behavioral models of your target audience

Key Benefits of Conversion Optimization

Get more sales for the same advertising budget.
You are not only getting more sales, but you are also getting more sales for the same advertising budget. You get two times (3 times or even 4 times) as much revenue as before you applied the techniques of conversion optimization to your website.

Your customer acquisition cost goes down.
No matter what advertising avenues you are using to drive traffic to your website, your cost per conversion decreases dramatically and you get a much better ROI.

Your customer retention rate goes up.
Implementing conversion optimization on your website brings you more satisfied customers and consequently, more repeated sales.

The effect is permanent.
Optimizing your website for conversion is not seasonal; it is a continuous process. In doing so, the optimization resides in your site and brings you profit over and over again.

Key Service Features

Here are a few highlights of the service:  

    Current Conversion Potential Analysis
    aConversion-Friendly Design Suggestions
    aSales Funnel Analysis & Improvement
    aContent & Persuasion Architecture Development
    aTesting & Experimenting
    aMeasuring & Reporting


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